Band Fees FAQ

Support for any Fine Arts program can’t always be the highest priority in a school district that is strapped for funds. We are very grateful to The Albuquerque Public School District (“APS”) for their support in many ways, as they provide outstanding facilities for our use, bus transportation for football games, large instruments and limited large instrument repairs.

Parents should realize that ALL other expenses of operating the band must be met by funds paid by the students or parents themselves or funds raised through other activities. The Band Boosters anticipate that the APS Course Fee for Band will be $250 per student plus the costs of band camp and any trips (besides TOB) the band takes. The Band Dues or operating budget is determined (among other things) by how many students enroll in Band and Colorguard in the fall.

Where Does This Money Come From?

1. Payment of $250 to Cibola H.S. Band – APS Course Fee* (This may be viewed and paid online via ParentVUE)

A. Due August 31 to Cibola High School

2. Payment of $150.00 to Golden Regiment Band Boosters* (Can be paid with check to Band room safe or online via Charms)

A. Due July 27th, 2019 via fundraising or payment.

B. This covers marching season startup costs including marching show music and field design, clinicians, band camp and other visuals.

3. Fundraising expectations for all students in the program. All Students are expected to participate in general fundraising for the program. This will contribute to the general operations of the band program listed below.

4. Fundraisers CHS Band Boosters provide quality fund-raising opportunities for the students throughout the year. Students have an opportunity to raise funds through multiple means, including, but not limited to the sale of Pageant of Bands Ad Sales, Car Washes, Silent Auctions and various merchandise selling opportunities. Each of these fundraising activities, as you can imagine, require numerous volunteers to organize and carry out.

In addition, there are numerous general fund events, such as partner nights at local restaurants, Goodwill bins, Isleta Pavilion Concerts and other community events. Band fundraisers serve to both defray student costs and provide the band with the tools it needs to keep the program running. Some fundraisers provide income to student accounts, while others support the general fund. This band operates on talent, energy, enthusiasm, and volunteer power. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Participation in band fundraisers will help each student to develop life skills such as working with adults on a peer basis, contributing to the welfare of the group while increasing the student’s individual worth and skills, and taking responsibility for costs of his/her own activities. Participation by EVERY STUDENT AND HIS/HER PARENTS is essential to ensuring a successful band program and the meeting of budget needs.

How Is the APS Course Fee and other fundraising money Used?

Performance items constitute the largest group of expenses, including repair and cleaning of band uniforms, supplies for chaperones, bus supplies, signs and decorations, Marching and Colorguard drill writer’s fees and drum book fees, equipment rental, equipment replacement/repair, colorguard props, music, food and beverages for games, contests, concerts/other events, rental trucks to transport “pit” percussion/colorguard equipment, props and large instruments to and from performances and competitions, and many other performance related expenses.

Band room equipment and supplies are also expensive for needs such as sound and computer equipment, instrument repairs, storage building rentals, copy machine and replacements not covered by APS. Contest entry fees for all Area and State Competitions, All-Region tryouts, UNM Day of Percussion, Guard and Winter Guard Competitions, NMSU Tournament of Bands in Las Cruces, Pageant of Bands and Zia Marching Contests, and all Concert and Jazz Band festivals. Specialized Instruction Education and Clinic Instructors for the band are a heavy expense. These include Marching Band/Drum Line/Colorguard/Brass/Woodwind instructors/clinicians, tuition for the Drum Majors and Colorguard captains to attend an instructional camp each summer, and other materials, supplies and professional Leadership Workshops for all Student Band Officers, Section Leaders and Drum Majors.

Are there any costs not included in my band fee? Uniform Expenses

The purchase of gloves ($5/each – two pair needed), shoes ($40), pep band folder, long black socks, black spandex or gym shorts, black bow tie and tuxedo shirt ($15-25) are mandatory for most first year and new band students and is not included in the band assessment.

A replacement band t-shirt should be purchased when the old one is worn out, stained, or dingy. An extra band shirt is helpful. Replacement marching shoes should be purchased when the old ones are worn out or no longer fit. If marching shoes are ordered after band camp, shipping costs will apply. Colorguard shoes are purchased individually.