Marching Performances

Football Games

The band will perform at Pregame (performance 20-25 minutes before Kickoff) and at Halftime at all Home football games. All home games are played at Nusenda Community Stadium.

Game Dates are:

  • 8/30 - vs Onate
  • 9/5 - vs Highland at Milne
  • 9/14 - vs La Cueva
  • 10/11 - vs Cleveland
  • 10/25 - HOMECOMING game vs Atrisco
  • 11/1 - vs Volcano Vista

Map to Stadium

Itinerary for the Game – 10/11/2019

5:00pm - Call Time, Students will immediately change into full uniform. Please assure your student arrives with their band shoes (shiny!), athletic shorts, long black socks, and their long-sleeved band shirt. Student leaders will take attendance, and we will finish loading the band truck. Students should assure that large instruments (Sousaphones) are on the band truck for transportation to the game.

5:30pm – Depart for Community Stadium

6:00pm - Arrive at Community Stadium. All parents wishing to help the students on/off the field should meet at the back entrance at this time to check in. All percussion, loading crew, and parent volunteers should begin unloading the truck immediately.

6:20pm - Move to Stands to drop off equipment/cases

6:40pm - Stage to take the field for Pregame Performance (1/2)

6:45pm – Pregame Performance

6:58pm – National Anthem (recording may be played for this game)

7:00pm - Kickoff and Fight Song, we will assemble the group to move up into the stands to play pep tunes during the game.

2ndQuarter - Full ensemble will move to the tunnel for re-warmup. (Color Guard may move early)

Halftime - Performance (2/2)

3rd Quarter/4th Quarter - Full ensemble will move to the stands to play pep tunes. Parents will load the truck at this time with all pit instruments. We will have opportunity for a water/bathroom break. Students will be dismissed in twos by directors.

End of Game - All students will assist loading the truck for departure. When we arrive at school, all students must assist with unloading the truck.

10:00pm - Approximate Dismissal.

Valencia Classic Marching Festival - 10/5/2019

Notes: All of the following are Parent and Student responsibility. Assure that all band students are prepared for a successful day of band. All students should be well hydrated, rested, and have eaten at least two meals before arriving at school. Bring Gloves, Black Socks, Marching Shoes Shined, Change of clothes, instrument shiny and in excellent working condition. Cell phone usage is not permitted while at Valencia High School. Confiscated cell phones will be returned via Grade-Level Principal on Monday.


1:00pm - Arrival with all supplies/equipment, All Students arrive with their Band Shirt on. All students arrive with their hair prepared for performance.

3:00pm - Depart for Los Lunas – Valencia High School

- Plenty of water and a snack provided to students.

4:00pm - Arrive at Valencia High School.

- Band Truck will move to East Parking Lot for Unloading.

- All Participants must move quietly in the east parking lot area near the stadium due to the proximity of the adjudicators. Points/Ratings may be reduced for poor behavior

- Check in at main gate, Bus Chaperons, please notify the gate attendant we will be watching bands and should proceed to the main bus parking lot.

- Unload Buses

- Parents and students, begin to unload the truck.

4:45pm - All Students return to bus and get into full uniform quickly.

5:15pm - All students / parent Helpers, meet near buses to walk to warmup

- Water will be provided

- Bring Tuners, Pit essentials

- Leave Cell Phones locked on the bus

- Students do a light stretch to loosen up

5:40pm - Walk to Warmup

5:50pm - WarmUp

6:40pm - PERFORM “Hypnagogia”!

7:00pm - Meet by Truck, Percussion and Parents, begin to load the truck.

7:15pm - Dinner provided near buses. Please finish your dinner by 7:40pm so we can watch bands!

7:50pm - Move into Stadium, In Half Uniform.

- Watch Los Lunas and Valencia High School marching bands. Exhibit proper festival behavior and support all bands.

- Dinner Provided

8:50pm - Award Recognition Ceremony

9:00pm - Meet by truck, Load Buses, Depart for Albuquerque

10:15pm - Arrive at Cibola High School, Unload all equipment, Hang uniforms, dismiss.

VC Written Directions North and South 2019 pdf.pdf
Map to Valencia HS.pdf

APS Marching Performance Assessment

Wednesday, October 16

7th Period - All available students load band truck.

2:25pm - All Report to the band room to change into Uniform and finish loading band truck.

3:00pm - Hornline and Color Guard, Stretch and Visual Rehearsal

3:45pm - Hornline - Musical Warm-Up and Tuning

4:15pm - Approximate Departure Time

4:45pm - Arrive at Milne Stadium, Unload Truck

- All Parents and Friends, please help unload the truck quickly and set up the props. Once finished, the band truck will move to the south side of the stadium by the buses. There is no admission fee for this event. Lots of parents and friends can help the kids onto the field with their equipment.

4:50pm - Official Warm-Up Time

5:20pm - PERFORM - Hypnagogia

5:40pm - Pizza with everyone in the parking lot - Parents, please begin loading the band truck.

6:15pm - Load up and depart

6:45pm - Arrive at Cibola, Unload Band Truck, Students are dismissed once all equipment is stored properly and uniforms are hung properly. We WILL have Zero hour the next day to reflect on the adjudicator commentary.

Zia Marching Fiesta - Saturday 10/19

10:00am - Call Time - Brief Meeting - Brief Visualization Run through

10:30am - Pack Up and finish loading truck

11:00am - Change into Uniform

11:25am - Load Buses with Instruments

11:30am - Depart Cibola (PLEASE bring a lunch for the bus. Boosters will provide some snacks and fruit, but not a big lunch)

12:00pm - Arrive, Unload students in East Parking Lot, some students will go to truck around the South Side of the Stadium.

12:35pm – Physical Warm-Up - Let’s Bring Tuners and Waters with us!

1:05pm – Music Warm-Up

1:35pm – Gate Time

1:45pm – Perform – Hypnagogia!

2:00pm - Pictures

2:15pm - Change into Half Uniform and begin Loading Band Truck

2:45pm - Watch Bands! Rio Rancho H.S. – UNM Spirit Marching Band

4:45pm – Drum Major Entourage Begin to line up for Review

5:00pm - Awards Ceremony

No Finals Possibility

5:30pm - Dinner in Parking Lot

6:00pm - Depart for CHS together.

6:30pm - Arrive and unload Truck

6:45pm - Dismissal

Finals Possibility

5:30pm - Dinner

6:00pm - Warm-Up

10:00pm - Awards

10:15pm - Change and load Bus

10:45pm - Arrive at CHS and Unload Truck

11:00pm - Dismissal

Pageant of Bands

Saturday, October 26

Itinerary and details will be provided soon!

POB Ticket and Merchandise Pre-Order

Save time and avoid standing in line!

Purchase your admission tickets, pins and patches in advance. Tell your family and friends to come out and enjoy a day of performances from marching bands from across New Mexico.

Tickets through the pre-order are the same price as what is sold at the door, but the CHS band program will receive a portion of each ticket sold through the pre-order.

All orders due by October 11, 2019

Turn in orders and payments to the band room safe

POB orderform.pdf
2019 Picture Preorder.pdf