End of Year

Hello Band Family!

Hope you are all staying safe and well in this strange time.

The Board met this week on Zoom to talk through what the rest of the school year looks like from the Booster's perspective. Here are the main things we discussed.

Candy Bar Fundraiser

If you turned in the money before the early Spring Break, thank you! All money pulled from the safe has been accounted for in Charms.

If you checked out a box, but hadn't turned in money, please submit at least $30 to cover the cost of the chocolate. If you send in more, it will be applied as profit for the fundraiser in Charms. There are a couple of ways to send in the money for the chocolate.

Pay in Charms - send steve@cibolabandboosters.org for instructions on paying this way.

Or you can Send a check to:

Cibola Band Boosters
PO Box 66108
Albuquerque, NM 87193

Spring Trip

I am sure everyone is aware, but to put it in writing, the 2020 Spring Trip has been canceled. Because the Booster Club is a 501c3, any funds paid to the trip fund from fundraising cannot be refunded. All positive balances from fundraising will be carried forward to next year and applied to the 2020-2021 fees. Any positive balance that was from a cash or check payment can also be applied to next year's fees. If you would like to roll your positive balance to next year, there is no action needed. If you would like a refund, please email studentstatements@cibolabandboosters.org by Friday April 24 with the Pay To name and address where the refund should be sent. I will send out a reminder a few days before the deadline. Because of the coordination of getting two signatures, we will not be able to send out multiple sets of checks. The goal will be to get checks in the mail by Friday May 1.

Band Yearbook

We are still planning on putting together a printed Band Yearbook. Due to the current situation, we are not sure when we will be able to get that published, but we still need pictures! If you have any pictures from the year you would like share please send them at yearbook@cibolabandboosters.org. Yearbooks should be $25. If you would like one please send an email to steve@cibolabandboosters.org.

Senior Families!

As we normally do in the Yearbook we would like to make a special page for each Senior. Please send any pictures (baby to now), favorite quotes, or anything you or your Senior would like included in the Yearbook.

End of Year Celebration

The Directors and Booster Board would like to plan something to celebrate the year and our Seniors sometime after we are all able to get together. We are thinking about a big cookout on the football field or something along those lines. Regardless of how we celebrate, we want to make sure to recognize all the hard work the students put in before this year was flipped on it's head. This will include earned Letters, Bars, Stars, Senior awards and everything else!