Marching Band

Football Games

Friday 8/23/2019 - vs Sandia at Community Stadium


5:00pm - Call Time, Students should wear Khaki colored shorts, sneakers/marching shoes, black t-shirt, hat/sunglasses optional (but recommended). Student leaders will take attendance, and we will finish loading the band truck. Students should assure that large instruments (tenor sax and larger) are on the band truck for transportation to the game.

5:30pm - Meeting with Matherne

5:45pm - Load the buses

6:20pm - Arrive at Community Stadium. All parents wishing to help the students on/off the field should meet at the back entrance at this time to check in.

This is the first game of the season, we don't know what the APS Athletic policies are going to be around vests and entrance to the game with the band. We will reserve vests for those who are riding the bus and then hand the rest out on a first come first serve basis for this game. We will determine the process for the rest of the games after Friday.

All percussion, loading crew, and parent volunteers should begin unloading the truck immediately.

6:30pm - Move to Stands to drop off equipment/cases

6:40pm - Stage to take the field for National Anthem.

6:45pm - Watch Pregame (Sandia Spirit Team)

6:55pm - Hornline move to sideline with snare, tenor and bass to play National Anthem.

7:00pm - Kickoff and Fight Song, we will assemble the group to move up into the stands to play pep tunes during the game.

2nd Quarter - Full ensemble will move to the tunnel for warmup. (Color Guard may move early)

Halftime - Performance of Intro, Opener, and Glamorous.

3rd Quarter/4th Quarter - Full ensemble will move to the stands to play pep tunes. Parents will load the truck at this time with all pit instruments. We will have opportunity for a water/bathroom break. Students will be dismissed in twos by chaperons.

End of Game - All students will assist loading the truck for departure. When we arrive at school, all students must assist with unloading the truck.

10:00pm - Approximate Dismissal.