2023-2024 Info


This is your new director, Ms. Madison Jones! I am super excited to work with all of you, coming into a season after a huge win at pageant. I’ve heard a lot from the parents and community about the band, and I am so ready to get some work done and become a part of your band family.

Just a couple things, since I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with crazy information.


·BAND CAMP IS A GO! – I know there was a lot of concern and questions about whether the season would be a thing, since everything was left on such a cliff hanger. It’s going to happen!

o   Band camp is scheduled to start on Monday with Leadership for the first two days, Rookie Day being on Wednesday, and the first full band day being on Thursday!

o   I need to coordinate times and specifics on the schedule, but you will get it as soon as I have it.

·We are in a desperate need of volunteers! We are in crunch time – I need warm bodies who can pull some weight and help out. Please, please, please, reach out to me ASAP (my email is helen.jones@aps.edu) if you have the background checks and clearances already, OR if you are willing to get that done to volunteer at any point this year. The sooner the better!

·You will be getting a packing list of everything you need for band camp no later than Friday afternoon. Please read over this list very carefully – you don’t have a lot of time to make preparations.

·I am working with the Band Boosters President (Mr. Steve Pearson) on trying to organize a band booster meeting on Saturday morning at 10:00. Following this meeting, we want to have a FULL BAND MEETING at 11:00 – to answer any questions you have, get to know me since I’m the new face, and so we can talk about some much-needed information.


Please let me know if you do not think you could make it to a meeting Saturday at 11:00! I know we’re running the clock down, and this is last minute – I get it, and if you have a complication getting here with such short notice, it’s not going to be held against you. If you are able to make it, come. It’s a chance for us all to connect, and it’s a huge necessity we touch base and get things sorted.


I have heard the best of things about this program and the current students, and I can’t wait to meet you all and get going. We have a lot of work to do, and I’m ready to get started. I hope to see you all on Saturday (again – let me know if there is a complication with you being there, and I will get you that information in a written context, and parents, if you leave a number in your email, I’ll call to touch base), and if not, at camp.

Let’s have a great season, and a better school year. 


Madison Jones


Director of Bands and Orchestras

Cibola High School