2021 Band Camp

Things to Bring

  • Instrument

  • Mouthpiece

  • Maintenance Supplies (Valve oil, cork grease, slide grease, etc….)

  • 3 Ring binder – ½ inch

  • Pencil(s)

  • Dot Book – spiral bound 3x5 index cards work great.

  • Water Bottle – ½ gallon or larger

  • Hat – we will spend a lot of time outside

  • Sunscreen – again….we’ll be outside

  • Athletic clothing – something that is easy to move in. No Jeans

  • Tennis Shoes – Shoes that are designed for exercise. Preferably no skate shoes or slip ons.

  • Lunch – Please bring a lunch with you. Snacks will be provided at various times throughout the day. Going off campus for lunch will not be allowed. So please plan accordingly.