2021-2022 Info

2021 Season Kick Off!

Golden Regiment Families,

I hope that your summer is treating you well. I am writing this email to remind you that we have band camp coming up on July 26th. Camp will run Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm for 2 weeks. There will be a parent performance on August 6th at 6pm. More details to be handed out at camp.

Band registration day will be on July 31st starting at 8am. There will be assigned times based on grade level, starting with seniors. Please plan on having parents and students attend this registration day to be fitted for uniform and have all required paperwork signed for the upcoming school year. The first part of the band fee will also be paid on this day ($150) as well as purchasing shoes and gloves for the upcoming marching season.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, gabriel.velasco@aps.edu. There is an up to date performance calendar attached to this email and an electronic version on the band booster website: cibolabandboosters.org.


If there are any volunteers that would be willing and able to assist providing snacks and water refills for the students during camp, please reach out to either me or Jodi Campbell (lauraangelbaby@gmail.com). Many hands make light work. The more volunteers we can get, the better it will be for all of us. Thank you.

Things to bring to camp:

  • Instrument

  • Mouthpiece

  • Maintenance Supplies (Valve oil, cork grease, slide grease, etc….)

  • 3 Ring binder – ½ inch

  • Pencil(s)

  • Dot Book – spiral bound 3x5 index cards work great.

  • Water Bottle – ½ gallon or larger

  • Hat – we will spend a lot of time outside

  • Sunscreen – again….we’ll be outside

  • Athletic clothing – something that is easy to move in. No Jeans

  • Tennis Shoes – Shoes that are designed for exercise. Preferably no skate shoes or slip ons.

  • Lunch – Please bring a lunch with you. Snacks will be provided at various times throughout the day. Going off campus for lunch will not be allowed. So please plan accordingly.


The Golden Regiment Marching Band is a student centered school ensemble that teachers self-discipline, respect, dedication, and commitment to excellence. This is only possible by putting the best staff, music, drill, and choreography in front of your students. Allowing for them to learn, practice, and perfect a field show that will then be performed in front of football crows and at marching band competitions. All of this being said, the experience is costly. Although the course fee does cover a good portion of the budget, it does not cover it all. For this, fundraising will occur to make up the difference. Please consider volunteering and getting involved with the program as parents! In my experience, I have seen parents make close friendships through their child’s participation in a band program. Be on the lookout for a fundraiser email from the boosters in the next few weeks.

PPE and Covid-19 Restrictions:

As of the sending of this email, there is no current guidance for the upcoming school year. I hope to hear from APS Fine Arts and NMPED within the next few days.

Thank you everyone. I am excited to begin this school year with you making music and having band again.

Mr. Velasco



26-30 Band Camp Week 1: 8:00am-6:00pm

31 Band Registration Day and Uniform Fitting: 8:00am-12:00pm

9:00am – Jr./Sr. Girls

9:30am – Jr./Sr. Boys

10:00am – Sophomore Girls

10:30am – Sophomore Boys

11:00am – Freshman Girls

11:30am – Freshman Boys


2-6 Band Camp Week 2: 8:00am-6:00pm

6 End of Camp Parent Performance – 6:00pm

11 First Day of School: 0 hour begins at 6:30am.

21 Football Game: Cibola @ La Cueva – Wilson Stadium ABQ, NM

27 Football Game: Cibola vs. Las Cruces – Nusenda Community Stadium ABQ, NM


11 Saturday Drill Camp: Learn Closer

24 Football Game: Cibola vs. Highland – Nusenda Community Stadium ABQ, NM


2 Valencia Marching Classic – Los Lunas, NM

8 Football Game: Cibola vs. Cleveland – Nusenda Community Stadium ABQ, NM

15 Football Game: Cibola vs. West Mesa – Musenda Community Stadium ABQ, NM

16 Pageant of Bands – Rio Rancho High School

19/20 District VII Marching Band MPA

23 ZIA Marching Fiesta – University of New Mexico

29 Football Game: Cibola vs. Volcano Vista – Nusenda Community Stadium

From Mr. V

Hello Cibola Band,

Congratulations on finishing this very hard and trying school year. I know that it was a test in patience and perseverance, but here we are…about to finish and hopefully have a return to a much more normal school year in 2021-2022. As we look ahead, there is some need to know information for next school year.

  • Congrats to our student leadership!!! I am looking forward to working with these amazing students. List is below.

  • Although much of the APS Athletic calendar is still up in the air right now for next year, the first day of school is set for August 11th, 2021.

  • BAND CAMP will begin on July 26th at 8am in the band room.

  • Color Guard camps in Band Room – Every Wednesday from 5pm-7pm starting June 2nd.

  • See below for a complete calendar.

Although the goal is to someday have a separate concert band and marching band program here at Cibola, we are not there yet. If you are in band, you are required to be at band camp. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please email me at gabriel.velasco@aps.edu.

If you have any friends that are interested in trying out what band is like at the high school level, please invite them to come and join us for a day or two at band camp.

PARENTS – There are still some positions open on the Band Booster Board. Next year will be an all hands on deck operation to get the Cibola Golden Regiment back into the swing of things. If you are interested, please reach out.

I wish everyone a great summer!!! Find time to relax and safely be around friends and family. I am very excited for what next year holds. To stay up to date on the calendar and all information, please keep an eye on the band website at cibolabandboosters.org.

Thank you,

Mr. Velasco

Leadership Results for 2021-2022

President: Lily Mandell

Vice President: Daymon Kerns

Secretary: Quiara Cortez

Publicity: Marcos Cordova

Booster Liaison: Judah Barney

Drum Majors: Quiara Cortez, Natasha Kwiatkowski

Color Guard Captains: Megan Larence, Lily Rich

Brass Captain: Jared Trueba

Woodwind Captain: Marcos Cordova

Battery Captain: Aidan Gregg-Kriegel

Pit Captain: Brianna Gatewood

Flute Section Leader: Zoie Abaquita, Isabella Voth

Clarinet Section Leader: Marcos Cordova

Saxophone Section Leader: Vincent Vigil

Trumpet Section Leader: Anthony Baca-Sandoval

Mellophone Section Leader: Zach Williamson

Low Brass Section Leaders: Jared Trueba and Gavin Hoover