Returning Students

Update Information in Charms

For those returning for the 2020-2021 school year, please log in to Charms and confirm or update all of your contact information.


Let’s get Connected!

Connections are More Important than ever at this time.

Sign Up For Remind! (Use the app, or text)

Text this code : @goldregnew

To this number: 81010

BreezinThru – Use Next Generation WebBased Platform

Student Access - Cibola High School Username: btfun_733 Password: wind290 Here’s a short video on Navigating Next Gen for Students if you wish to show them. There’s a link in the app to it too.


1. Log in here

2. When you log in, type your name the exact same way each time (no typos) or you will not see all your results.

3. Remember to click “submit” after you complete a drill/reflection or your result will not be recorded. See your Theory results in 3 places: Drill page, Chapter Table of Contents, and your Student Dashboard (websitesubscriber area). Do well and collect some fun rewards!

Download the BAND app in your app store! (App is the Green Icon with the B; Please paste the links)

Big band - Full Band Program -

Seniors - 2020 School Year -

Juniors - 2020 School Year -

Sophomores - 2020 School Year -

Freshman - 2020 School Year -

SmartMusic is available to Cibola High School Students – FREE

Go to, register for the Marching Band 2020 course. Use the new WebBased version of Smart Music.

Here is the code! VKJAN-N6MJW

YOUR 2020 Golden Regiment Band Camp is scheduled for…

July 20th through July 31st

Please be available as Participation in Band Camp is required and part of a successful High School Marching Band program. Our Band Camp fee is $150.00 and covers costs of Staffing, Startup Costs for Competition Season. We may have rehearsals on 8/3 and 8/4 to assist students with transitioning back to school as well as recovering musical skills.