2020-2021 Info

Dear Band Friends and Family Members:

It's July, and normally a time when we would be kicking into high gear in the Gold Regiment Band program at Cibola High School. I am sad to announce that this will not be the case for the 2020 Summer Marching Band season. Given the recent rise in concerns with health and safety for students and school staff, The Albuquerque Public Schools (among other larger school districts in the state of New Mexico) has decided to cancel a traditional marching band camp for Summer 2020. I have attached the APS Fine Arts statement to this email.

Many students attended a virtual meeting this morning where I could tell them "in person" about this happening. It was important to the band staff at Cibola High School that we were more than just a text or email. Our students are very important to us and we were very disappointed when this final decision was made.

Here are a few bullet points to remember as we move forward:

  1. This announcement is only about Band Camp, we plan to offer a Meaningful and Safe marching/musical experience for our students throughout the school year.
  2. We plan to drastically reduce course fees for the Summer and Fall, given that many events have been cancelled. Once we know more about scheduling/transportation, updates will be sent out about course fees.
  3. Parent/Family support is needed more than ever so that exceptional events/activities can be provided to students.
  4. If any family is considering the new APS online school (or other online schools in the state), please know that students are able to take an elective at their home school "in person" while taking their remaining courses online. Also, please consider notifying the staff if you have alternate plans for the coming year.

The band staff at Cibola High School looks forward to the day when we can be with our students again; and we hope that day is soon.

Please reach out to Mr. Matherne or Mr. Rainbird (emails below) if you have thoughts you wish to express. Questions are good, solutions/ideas are GREAT!

Musically and Sincerely,

Nathan Matherne - nathan.matherne@aps.edu

Truman Rainbird - truman.rainbird@aps.edu

APS Summer Marching Band 2020.pdf

Guiding principals for planning the 2020-2021 band year

1. Educational Validity, Rigor, and Relevance

2. Leadership and Musical Skill Development

3. Rewarding and Fun Opportunities

4. Safety within the framework of scheduling

Mr. Matherne is currently on multiple task forces re: reopening. He's working to provide avenues for APS students to get a comprehensive and rewarding music education K-12. Currently, he is working to ascertain the possibility of students that choose online education in the coming school year having the opportunity to take an elective or two at their local high school. He is working to give opportunities for a vast array of students/families.


1. Yes, we plan to have a band camp albeit non-traditional.

2. Yes, we will have fees, but they will be commensurate with the schedule/events.

3. Yes, we want to have a traditional marching band setting, but it will look different. We are investigating and brainstorming possibilities.

4. Our staff is very excited to see the kids and get going. We currently have Mr. Matherne, Mr. Rainbird, Mr. Sayre, Mr. Chrisman, and Mr. Chacon on the team.

5. As for leadership, the plan is to select leadership based on their applications and prior levels of participation in the program. We will wait to assign those positions until we know more about the coming school year.